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ARC Angel Edition

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ARC Angel Edition

ARC Angel Edition

ARC Angel Edition

INTRODUCING THE ARC VECTOR AE – Arc launch a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, as we offer 10 Arc customers the chance to join the Arc team and play a starring role in the development of the Arc HMI System.

Each lucky participant will receive a limited 1 of 10 Angel Edition (AE) Vector motorcycles that will have a raft of never to be repeated specifications.

Hand crafted in Britain uniquely for each owner the Arc Vector is the world’s most advanced fully electric motorcycle of its kind, partnered with fully integrated Human Machine Interface (HMI). No other motorcycle merges technology, innovation, craftsmanship and experience like the Arc Vector.

Arc Angel Edition

For more info check out www.arcvehicle.com

Arc burst onto the scene in late 2018 with the amazing Arc Vector motorcycle concept. A machine that promised to be the most advanced motorcycle ever developed, packed with ground-breaking technology and innovation from the forward-thinking team at Arc. At the time Arc hinted at a future technology they called HMI (Human Machine Interface), a system that connected the rider to the motorcycle through multiple senses, enhancing the thrill of the ride, that has the capability to save lives.

3 years later and the Vector is now going into production with first customers receiving their Vector motorcycles from September. To celebrate unleashing the Vector into the wild and onto the streets, Arc are launching an industry first customer experience – the Arc AE Program. The AE Program will be a culmination of the Vector concept and finalisation of the futuristic HMI system with. A HUD (Head Up Display) helmet and Haptic jacket.

Arc is brave, uncompromising, and restless, facilitating dreams of escape and in hot pursuit of perfection on a road never before travelled.

Arc Angel Edition

10 Arc customers will be offered a once in a life – time opportunity to join the Arc team and play a starring role in the development of the Arc HMI System. Each lucky participant will receive a limited 1 of 10 Angel Edition (AE) Vector motorcycles that will have a raft of never to be repeated features.

Once their personalised Vector AE’s have been received “Angels” will embark on a testing program to try prototype versions of the HMI system on tracks in the UK and America. Their direct feedback will be incorporated into the system to define and improve it until it is ready for the open road. Arc Angels will then have their Vector AE motorcycles upgraded and receive beta versions of the HMI system for them to test in a real-world environment. After a further feedback loop and final testing, Angels will be provided with the first production versions free of charge, before the system is opened- up and offered to customers across the Arc motorcycle range.

This is an incredibly bold move by Arc and goes way beyond making Tesla style software updates to customer vehicles. Arc’s vision to make 10 customers part of the Arc family and include them in the testing of transformative new technologies that could change the face of motorcycling for the future – Is revolutionary.

“We have been working on the Arc HMI for some time, and now is the time to get our customers involved in what we are doing – what better way than through the AE program. We wanted to give those involved in the AE Program the ultimate peek behind the curtain. How often do you get to be part of the development of such ground-breaking technology, integrated into the Arc family and the project team? We expect the project to take 2 years from customers receiving their Angel Edition Vectors, so we are looking for customers that can set aside the amount of time they will need to complete the project, 5-10 days, and the commitment to be able to stay the course.” Mark Truman

“This is an incredibly important step for motorcycling that has many layers. Initially it’s about creating a system that can heighten the enjoyment of riding motorcycles as well as saving the lives of many motorcyclists each year. But the development of the HMI has also many long- term benefits, increasing the number of motorcyclists on the road each year due to the interest from more tech minded generations that are coming of age is one. Another is starting to equip motorcycles with the technology needed to make them viable in the connected world of more autonomous vehicles. In the future the ability to connect to the IOT (Internet of things) and the integration of AR (Alternative Reality) technology into systems like this will make motorcycling far safer and allow people to make the most of their ride” Mark Truman.

In the Vector AE, Arc have created a machine that feels like second nature. It offers an all-new connection with the road and the environment. The Arc Vector is the most advanced electric motorcycle ever brought to market; one which utilises exotic materials, thoroughbred componentry, cutting-edge architecture, and technological innovations that have never been applied to two-wheeled transport before. All that, wrapped in a breathtakingly futuristic body with post-modern nods to café racers past.

The Angel Edition Vector contains AE specific content that will set it apart from anything else on the road, if there is such a thing, standard Vector counterpart. Special detailing includes forged carbon fibre side panels, AE machine etched motor covers, customer specific AE edition plaques.

Arc Angel Edition

Alongside these special styling features, AE Vectors will also carry the ability to be upgraded to accept whatever advancements are required to perfect the HMI system. With it, AE owners also have a commitment from Arc that their special Angel Edition Vectors will always be upgraded by the company to make sure they always have the latest and greatest technology.

The Vector is the greenest, safest, and most fulfilling bike ever created. The rider sits astride a hand-made motorcycle with lightweight carbon-composite structure and ingeniously elegant battery-module monocoque, which is as clean and efficient as it is beautiful to behold. Its styling brings to mind the classic spirit of a British café racer, a symbol of freedom and high fashion that stands for peerless handling and debonair attitude. It is also jaw-droppingly modern, taking not only the very latest technological innovations and employing many for the first time on a motorbike, but sculpting the

Arc motorcycles are made by non-conformist mavericks for spirited, and eco-conscious individuals. Designed and built by a team of visionary engineering specialists, the Vector unites world-first technology, best-in-class performance and quality, and a level of exclusivity that will make this one of the most lusted-after EVs to ever enter production.

Arc is a measure of electricity. Arc is architecture. Arc is movement.

Arc is on a mission to explore Earth in state-of-the-art style, combined with a promise to try and protect it. This is a catalyst; a transformative vehicle that will challenge the rider’s way of seeing and thinking, and one that shapes the world around it.

Based in Coventry, England, at the heart of the UK’s global-leading High-Performance Automotive Engineering cluster, the idea for Arc was born out of Jaguar Land Rover’s White Space ‘skunk works’, a top-secret innovation lab previously headed by Mark Truman.

Mark is a purist biker and technology evangelist with a bold vision and blue-chip backing who has brought together a dream team and put in motion an ambitious business plan. Authentic and credible, he likens Arc’s talent pool to Avengers Assemble: “Our people have worked in senior positions within Aston Martin, KTM, Ducati, Triumph and MotoGP. Pioneers in their field, they’ve designed vehicles for James Bond, emergency rescue units and electric hyper-car companies”. Arc ran into financial trouble in late 2019 after being let down by a new investor at the 11th hour. Mark Truman and the team, unwavered in their determination to make Arc the most coveted motorcycle brand in the world, resurrected the business and have self-funded the project to date through their new EV specialist design and engineering consultancy, Arc Design.

“This is real comeback success story for us at Arc, after being down and out for a few months we pulled together brought the business back from the brink. We decided to create our own consultancy business Arc Design, to make sure that we were in control of our own destiny and not solely in the hands of investors. Arc Design have worked with several 2 and 4- wheel OEM clients to help them transition into the brave new world of EV’s and this side of the business goes from strength to strength” Mark Truman

Now that the Arc’s first product, the Arc Vector, has made it to production Arc will now look to take on investment on their own terms, to help scale the business and bring their exciting future product line to market.

Arc Angel Edition

The Arc Vector AE with its HMI is the most advanced electric motorcycle on the planet, providing a sensory and emotional experience never before applied to such a vehicle thanks to its digitally-enhanced and connected helmet – Zenith – and sci-fi-inspired haptic ride-wear – Origin – enabled by Human Machine Interface technology.

Arc Angel Edition

The Arc Zenith helmet is inspired by those of fighter pilots. It will feature a connected Heads-Up Display (HUD) which gives the rider critical information and enhances the freedom and wellbeing of their riding experience.

Arc are working with Hedon on a brand-new helmet that will incorporate sat-nav, speedo and ancillary graphics, projected into the eyeline so the wearer can keep their eyes affixed to the road. The Wi-Fi-enabled helmet will be connected to the bikes computer and will also take data from a rear facing camera, giving the rider the ability to see what’s behind them.

Like the Vector bike, the Zenith helmet will be a perfect illustration of traditional craftsmanship and innovative technology. The composite-fibre full-face Hedon helmet has the necessary tech, in the back of the helmet hidden in the shell. The anti-bacterial microfibre, calfskin lining and internal protective material gives access to the electronics, allowing a perfectly smooth contour on the outside, cosy comfort on the inside, and practicality, thus staying true to Arc’s design DNA. The live video feed will show approaching vehicles as well as performance, dynamic and positioning information. Arc say that this will be a major step forward over previous monitor and prism-based HUD systems where a different focal length from the rider was required to read the display, therefore requiring them to take their eyes off the road. The Zenith’s is much more Iron Man-style, meaning you can see the road and the read-out seamlessly at once. Control of all its features is wireless and will also be voice-activated.

The helmet, when complete will also double as the key to the bike. Zenith activates the keyless start as you jump on the Vector.

“People ask me if the Heads-Up Display could be distracting, but it will be designed to be the opposite,” says Mark Truman. “The tech frees you and your senses because the distractions have been removed. It allows you to concentrate on the road and your one-ness with the bike, to just enjoy the moment knowing the bike is looking out for you and the information you need is right in front of you. Working with Hedon on this was a natural choice, due to their composite technology, luxurious materials and premium finishes. Together, I believe we’re making the most stylish and high-tech design-forward helmet ever unveiled.”

Arc Angel Edition

Arc Origin represents a game-changing advance in intelligent technology and the complete riding experience, making motorcycling even more immersive. For the first time, Human Machine Interface (HMI) has been applied to armoured ride wear, packing Arc’s bespoke biker jacket with haptic sensors. This represents a new age in two-wheel safety and enjoyment.

For example, the biker’s shoulder may vibrate to alert of a potential hazard, provide dynamic performance based feedback or enhance the senses when on a stimulating ride.

There are three modes. Urban Mode focuses on safety, alerting the rider to dangers such as vehicles in their blind spot with a polite tap on the shoulder. Sports Mode gives the rider feedback on the bike’s dynamic position and parameters. Taking G-Force related data from Vectors sensors and providing a graduated level of feedback to tell the rider how close to the limit of the motorcycles capabilities the rider is – for instance the harder you brake the more feedback you receive. Euphoric Mode lets you play music through the haptics as you ride and simulates the bass through the jacket’s amplifiers, making your hairs stand on end. This is technology lifted from the entertainment world and improved upon.

As well as boasting Tron-like tech, the wireless armour and jacket represents the peak of style and is tailor made for each customer. Arc’s haptic amplification keeps you safe, agile, and free to enjoy the moment. The sensors are of an audio-type and nuanced, placed in sensitive areas, to give subtle notifications, intuitive feedback and inputs which wouldn’t be possible with motorised-type haptics. The system is wireless, has a run-time of over two hours, and can be recharged on the bike or from the mains when stationary. If preferred, the haptics can be switched off as the jacket isn’t necessary for operating the motorcycle.

“We’ve taken technologies previously unexplored by bike builders to transform the way we ride,” says Mark Truman “It’s all about the interaction between the rider and the machine, enhancing the experience. The rider and bike become one. Arc satisfies those of us who are rarely satisfied, who are always looking for a different road, a different view. We understand the need to be different, to be better, and challenge the norm.”

Arc Angel Edition

0 – 100 kmh   :  Under 3.1 seconds

Top speed  :  200kph

Weight  :  235kg

Range  :  200 miles on the open road, 120 on the highway

Price  :  Starts at £110,000 to join the AE program

The Arc Vector’s HMI is the embodiment of Mark Truman’s mission to change the way we think about motorbikes and build a thrilling, sustainable and safe technological marvel for a new world order. This goes beyond engineering. It’s a revolutionary new attitude.

As well as being an engineering visionary, Mark is first and foremost a passionate motorcyclist. His first bike was a Puch 50cc, and since his teens he’s been building and modifying all manner of motorcycles, as well as racing on short tracks and motocross. Eco-conscious to the hilt, Mark lives on a sustainable smallholding in Wales.


Mark Truman: Arc Founder and CEO
Our focus is on Human Machine Interface – commonly referred to as HMI. It’s all about the interaction between the user and the machine, enhancing that experience. Technology enables new ways of seeing and feeling. Arc does that using specially-designed riding equipment.

The Heads-Up Display helmet – Zenith – is pure fighter pilot technology. The HUD is a projection-based system inside the helmet, not the usual monitor. The haptic jacket – Origin – is a world-first in the motorcycle industry.

When your smart phone vibrates, that’s a haptic notification. Our haptic suit uses this sensory technology in many ways, such as safety, to ‘tap’ you on the shoulder to let you know what’s happening around you.

Urban Mode, for riding in town, taps on your shoulder to alert there’s something in your blind spots, for example. In Sports Mode, the garment provides performance-based feedback, something that is often lost with electric motorbike riding. Euphoric Mode, which is my favourite, is another way of enhancing the two-wheel Arc experience. That feeling as a motorcyclist when you have the road to yourself, the sky is clear, and you just feel free in that moment. This mode is to enhance that feeling. Taking things one step further.

Arc Angel Edition


Mark Truman: Arc Founder and CEO
It was conceived while I was running Jaguar Land Rover’s White Space department, which was all about crazy ideas with commercial opportunities. I had the idea for what became Arc in 2017, after JLR had me explore recreational vehicles for them. Hobby vehicles, basically. My team developed an idea around a business that would make, initially, electric motorcycles and we tried to make that happen within JLR. It wasn’t the right thing for them to pursue at the time, but they loved the project so much that they asked me to take it outside of the brand with their support. From coming away from the infrastructure of a big complex car company to become independent, it gave us the space and autonomy we needed to make it happen. Nevertheless, there are all sorts of projects behind the White Space division that have contributed to Arc. This huge breadth of things has allowed us a wide-angle lens, so we’re not just focused on the bike – there’s so much more to it than that.

Dale Darlington: Arc Chief Brand Officer
Arc is not an acronym. It’s based on the idea of an arc of electricity, of architecture, and the arc we take every time we travel across the globe. Arc is about a code – about getting balance. There is little point in developing a 100% sustainable vehicle if it weighs 500kg’s and has 5 miles range. Arc is about finding the balance, the line of best fit to get the best result with what the world has available.

Tom Broadbent: Arc Head of Design
The concept was to try and design the best performance electric motorcycle. With electric vehicles in general, the powertrain weighs a lot. This really can’t be avoided if you want capacity, distance, and performance. So, it was about stripping everything back and using a lot of exotic, lightweight materials, such as carbon fibre. The chassis and battery module had to be one, and it had to have an aesthetic A-Surface. With this approach, we’ve been able to reduce the weight as much as possible to achieve the performance we wanted. The design brief was if the term “cafe racer” was going to be coined in 10 years’ time – what would that look like? Design Inspiration was an electric violin. Everything that is required to perform the art is present, but everything else that doesn’t need to be there has been removed. It is about purity of design.

Mark Truman: Arc Founder and CEO
We felt that there was more one could get out of motorcycling, which no one was tapping into. We want to allow people to make the most of their ‘moment’. This is about using technology to strip back the experience of riding a bike as much as possible, through the use of haptics and HUD. The helmet and jacket work in tandem with the Vector to remove distractions and emphasise the joy of riding.

Arc Angel Edition

Paul Gentle: Arc Chief Commercial Officer
Arc is a business that is building vehicles to challenge the environment whilst protecting it. We are all motorcyclists and we all love to ride. The changing world with ever-demanding regulations and restrictions means we have to invent new ways of doing what we love. Arc sets out to do this without compromise. Other bikes and vehicles will follow as we establish Arc as the world’s leading premium electric motorbike and recreational vehicle OEM. Despite global ambitions, though, we’re not building on an assembly line. This is a modern craftsmanship business, and all our machines will be hand-built. We are a British brand with a strong, uncompromising ethos. We are a business that’s trying to do the right things for the right reasons. We’re very passionate about what we do and want that to come through in the experience. Vector is the first contribution to that cause, using Arc as a voice for change.

John Tautu: Arc Chief Operating Officer
The technology that we’ve developed can go well beyond motorcycles, yes– and this is as much about launching a technology and lifestyle brand as it is about unveiling a new bike – I think there will be a lot of exciting developments in store. The platform that we have created, and which has debuted with Vector, can be easily adapted to all sorts of other layouts such as quad bikes, trikes, ATVs, many different products. We’ll see how the brand and Vector are received and plan our model expansion accordingly, but they will all be focused and exclusive.

Mark Truman: Arc Founder and CEO
I love a challenge but, yes, it’s been a learning curve in terms of running a business and all that entails. I’m an engineer, predominantly, and I’m learning that you can’t be a master of everything in a multi-faceted project such as this, so I delegate and get the best people involved for the best outcome to take the vision forward. It’s taken some time, but we’ve finally been able to get the Vector to production and the AE program is about being inclusive and sharing the celebration with our customers.

Mark Truman: Arc Founder and CEO
We are very lucky with the people we’ve been able to pull into the project. We’ve worked with a MotoGP chief engineer as well as ex-Triumph people, composite FEA analysis specialists, designers who are ex-JLR, Arrival, Ducati, KTM , Tesla and Ferrari F1 etc. We’ve collectively honed in on the best tech solutions for the product; fresh thinking creative engineers and designers who share the passion and vision for this project. At the moment there are 12 people in the design office and also a number of admin staff, technicians and manufacturing staff. By the end of next year, Arc will be at around 50 people. When we think about our suppliers, partners, and other consultants you can add another 50 people involved in the project outside of the core team.

Arc Angel Edition

Given the ground-breaking tech and the bespoke manufacturing, won’t Arc be out of reach for most riders?

John Tautu: Arc Chief Operating Officer
The whole Arc experience is a premium package at a premium price point, but with time we’ll be looking to get this technology to more and more people. It’s the same with most technology at its start point, but the more we work with it the easier it can be applied to other products for wider audiences.

The experience of buying and owning an Arc product is as individual, luxurious and as highly detailed as the machine itself. Arc will have an integrated relationship with all of its customers. The entire package is made to order; the bike, the helmet and the jacket all being tailored to fit the customer, with a choice of colours, materials, and optional design features. Bespoking is available, within reason, at the standard list price. The bike will be hand-assembled on site at the Coventry-based workshop by leading professionals, and owners are invited to see their pride and joy being built should they wish. Arc’s hotline is available all day seven-days-a-week. Arc’s dedicated mechanics are on standby and can travel to anywhere in the world should it be required. Nevertheless, with long service intervals, minimal moving parts and diagnostic work that can be made remotely from Arc HQ, reliability is expected to be excellent, and customers can rest assured that Arc’s products are built to be ridden whenever and wherever the desire takes them. Boutique Arc sales and servicing centres will spring up in key territories as the brand becomes established internationally.

Arc Angel Edition

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