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Custom Xtreme Zone

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Custom Xtreme Zone

Custom Xtreme Zone

Here at Back Street Heroes – not only the original, but also the most successful custom bike magazine of all – we’re proud to have been responsible for having organised the Custom Xtreme display at the NEC for the last dozen years or so. This year, BSH incorporates Streetfighters, thereby consolidating the very best of traditional and high-performance custom bikes in a single package.

This high-profile showcase is dedicated exclusively to the work of the UK’s most highly-talented and ingenious builders – professional and amateur alike – all of whom remain consistently passionate about fusing exquisite engineering and absolute art into a single motorcycle. Whether you’re looking for the experimental ingenuity and innovation of the BSH bikes, or the stripped-down, adrenaline-fuelled excitement of a Streetfighters creation, you’re guaranteed to find it at Custom Xtreme.

Quite simply, Custom Xtreme is an unprecedented collection of the UK’s very finest hand-built motorcycles – some having been featured in BSH and Streetfighters, others hot off the workbench – the like of which you won’t find anywhere else.

And for 2013, we can confidently predict that Custom Xtreme will again feature the most outrageous, extraordinary machines ranking amongst the very best you’ll ever see anywhere in the world.

So make sure you visit Custom Xtreme during your time at the show, and prepare to be amazed!

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