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Famous Motorcycles in Hollywood Film

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Famous Motorcycles in Hollywood Film

Harley-Davidson Fat Boy in “Terminator 2”
The second part of the adventures of Arnold Schwarzenegger embodying a cyborg come from the future had the honor of being the most expensive film at the time. Part of the fault (in addition to the special effects to shape the T1000) was this chase on the Los Angeles channels aboard a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy. And who does not forget the phrase ‘I want your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle’, folded brilliantly by the sadly ill-fated Constantino Romero. This motorbike makes the movie special. Action scenes of this movie become live for motorcycle action. Still we can found the awesome motorcycle wheels here of terminator motorcycle.

Harley-Davidson in “Easy Rider”
Although there are some more, there is consensus in pointing to Easy Rider as the biker road movie par excellence. Life on the edge can only be understood on a highly modified Harley to complete the hippie aesthetic of Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper who in his journey through the southern United States will also pick up Jack Nicholson as a luxury package. The motorcycle that you can see in the movie, the one that leads Fonda is, undoubtedly, one of the most famous Harley-Davidson of all time, an authentic myth.

Kawasaki GPZ 900 in “Top Gun”
It is the film with which all the teenagers of the time believed that having a sports bike was a very important bonus when it came to ending up with the girl you loved in silence. In this film, where we see Tom Cruise more ‘romantic’ on top of a Kawa GPZ 900, the change materializes and we go on to see vintage motorcycles in the cinema so that sports cars take on a much greater relevance. This change of trend will be consolidated in more action films such as Matrix or Mission Impossible.

The bikes that appear in Ghost Rider: “The Ghost Rider”
For the filming of the film, Nicolas Cage used several models of motorcycles, among which the Harley-Davidson Panhead, a Buell X1 Lightning, a Harley-Davidson Sportster and a Honda ST 1100 Pan European. Of course, all of them were specially redesigned and customized for the filming of the ‘Ghostmaster’.

Batpod, the Batman motorcycle in “The Dark Knight”
In the 21st century it seems that nothing can surprise us in the matter of bikers. However Christopher Nolan got it in the second part of his brilliant modern trilogy about Batman. In the Dark Knight, the superhero of the black cloak was put on board the Batpod when his Tumbler, the new Batmobile, is destroyed. It gives him a round action scenes following the Joker played masterfully by Heath Ledger posthumously.

Kawasaki ZZR 250, the motorcycle of the movie Kill Bill
One of Quentin Tarantino’s bloody films also kept a small gap for both wheels. The protagonist, the Kawasaki ZZR 250, has a key role in one of the first scenes of the film when Uma Thurman, the main actress of Kill Bill, appears to be driving this yellow Kawa through the streets of Tokyo.

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