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How to Prepare for Your Next Long Motorcycle Ride

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How to Prepare for Your Next Long Motorcycle Ride

If you have been following the Be a Better Motorcycle Rider series, you know just how fun riding safely can be. Becoming a better motorcycle rider lets you enjoy riding without taking on additional risks or putting yourself in danger.

Following the series and utilising the tips and tricks shared in the articles will also mean that you are ready for bigger adventures. That could only lead to one thing: a road trip on your motorcycle. To help you plan for one, here are the top tips and tricks to follow.

Get Covered
Before planning other parts of the trip, you want to cover the basics first. This means making sure that your documents are in order, your motorcycle is up to the challenge, and that you have the safety gear and other equipment for the trip.

Getting your documents in order is easy. It is also a good idea to check if your motorcycle insurance covers long trips, especially if you want to go on a cross-country adventure. You can pick up an additional insurance policy if you don’t have enough coverage.

That task is now easier to complete thanks to sites like quotezone.co.uk who offers access to motorcycle insurance quotes from the best providers in the country. You also have the option to go local and find the best insurance deals in your area.

Plan a Route
Some say the best road trips are the unplanned ones, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to plan a route at all. Having a well-planned route is actually helpful if this is your first trip. There are two things you can do as you search for the perfect route to take; first of all, you can keep the road trip simple and short. While the idea is to have a great adventure, going on a 1,000-mile road trip on your first go can still be very taxing. Find a destination that you can reach and figure out the scenic routes to get there.

The second thing to do is to plan for emergencies. Yes, you can still be spontaneous and leave room for changes, but knowing where you can spend the night or get petrol will make the trip less of a worry and more of an adventure.

Check and Recheck
If you followed the first tip carefully, you should have your motorcycle and riding gear sorted out. The last thing to do before going on a long road trip is a test run – or several of them. With your gear on, check if you are comfortable enough on the motorcycle.

You can also check the load you are carrying on your motorcycle. Once again, the goal is to eliminate unknown factors and unnecessary surprises on the trip itself, giving you more time and energy to enjoy the trip as your first adventure.

And that’s it! Follow these simple tips, and you’ll be ready for your first motorcycle adventure in no time. Now that you have the perfect road trip planned out, you can go on a solo adventure or have some biker friends join you for the ride.

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