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Illuminate The Pit Lane With HM LED Pit Board

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Illuminate The Pit Lane With HM LED Pit Board

Illuminate The Pit Lane With HM LED Pit Board

Illuminate The Pit Lane With HM LED Pit BoardAlongside saving laptimes on track with its range of quickshifters, HM Quickshifter is now saving team mechanics time (and errors) with its innovative new LED Pit Board. With adjustable brightness, full QWERTY keyboard and built-in lap timer, it’s the ultimate accessory for professional race teams, club racers and trackday addicts.

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Ahead of the 2019 race season, HM Quickshifter is excited to launch its innovative LED Pit Board. The two row board features adjustable, high visibility LED lights which have been tested to ensure clear vision no matter the conditions. With a full QWERTY keyboard on the reverse side, lap timer and five memory settings, team members no longer need to worry about trying to get the right numbers into a traditional board before the rider completes the lap. With the ability to write out any word, as well as use emoji’s, the board allows teams to convey much more info to riders than with a traditional one.

Trialled in race paddocks throughout 2018, including the Bennetts British Superbike Championship and No Limits Racing series, the board is now available to purchase from HM Quickshifter and costs £499.99 (Plus VAT).

HM Quickshifter General Manager Ben Varley explained “Having spent a lot of time in race paddocks around the world, we know just how hard team members work and the pressure they’re under. Our new LED Pit Board will help them convey crucial messages to riders, help speed up the process of imputing the data and also ensure the rider can clearly see it, thanks to its high visibility.” 

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For more information on the full range of HM Quickshifter products see   http://hmquickshifter.com/

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