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Navigating on a bike… with the itinerary at your fingertips

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Navigating on a bike… with the itinerary at your fingertips

Navigating on a bike… with the itinerary at your fingertips

Navigating on a bike… with the itinerary at your fingertipsGIVI tells us the secrets of how to fit smartphone or GPS holders on your bike

Do you remember when only paper maps were used for travelling? And to call home, on the other side of the world, you had to go to a post office? Those days are long gone.
Today, small technological devices such as the smartphone or GPS have become indispensable for communicate, navigate and those who explore the world by motorcycle too. But … where and how are they fixed on board? GIVI gives you some tips.

You really can do everything with a Smartphone: communicate, take photos, share things, and find your bearings … This is why many travelers choose to rely completely on this kind of mobile device when taking a trip. However, there are some routes that require an extra guarantee: GPS navigators with satellite signals reception even in the most remote places, without the support of a network connection or previously prepared routes on files, such as GPX. However the most “experienced” travelers tend to have a Plan B, which often takes the form of (old, expensive) printed maps that still find a special place in many of the tank bags currently in production.

Smartphones and GPS: which ones exist?
The market offers plenty of solutions, but it would be impossible not to indicate GIVI as the reference brand, given its great commitment to researching holders, types of mountings, materials, shapes… to successfully diversify what is on offer. Let’s have a look at the current range:

Device holder equipped with “case”
Models that allow for the insertion of a Smartphone or GPS navigator inside a semi-rigid case, equipped with a sun visor and a transparent touch-sensitive window, to allow access and use of the device’s screen. The S95 line is available in different sizes and layouts depending on the device. The rainproof cover supplied adds an extra guarantee for the safety of the device, although it is not 100% waterproof it still offers plenty of protection from light rain and on short journeys.

Adjustable holder Smart Clip
The Smart Clip has been designed to accommodate almost all Smartphones on the market and can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally. Designed for those who want to have quicker access to their phone, use the front and rear cameras regularly, or use different sized devices. The clip is available in two sizes, S920M and S920L. And to add extra security, especially for those who use it on bumpy roads, an elastic, in the shape of an “8”, is included. What if it rains? Simply purchase one of the GIVI T519 waterproof covers.

How can they be properly fixed to the bike?
To mount the device holders of the Italian brand, GIVI has developed its “Mini-Tanklock” mounting system, which allows not only to attach and detach the holder in seconds, but also to install it in places with irregular sections, for example on the rear-view mirrors of some scooters. This system consists of a structure, divided into two parts like a clamp that covers the handlebars, with adjustment screws and a circular structure that fits into the smartphone holder. In addition, it has a safety strap in case the device holder case is not securely fastened.

However, GIVI also offers alternative solutions for attaching smartphone holders in exceptional cases when, due to aesthetic reasons or technical impossibility (for example because the mirrors are located on the fairing or at the end of the handlebars), they cannot be attached in the normal way. So the Italian company has its functional and carefully designed accessories S901A, S902A and S903A, or the new S904B, which use the brake or clutch fluid reservoir caps as a base.

And for those who still use their Garmin or Tom Tom, GIVI also has tailor-made solutions for these devices which, mounted on the mentioned bases, allow the original mounting system to be fitted.

Even for those who need to carry several devices, the specialized brand has provided its FB aluminium bar or S900A that create a support for positioning smartphones, Telepass holders, GPS or even action cameras.

And where do we place the map in case we have to activate plan B?     
However, as sophisticated as the new devices are, there is always something that can go wrong (breakdown, power failure, theft …) and it is on these occasions that a paper map can come in handy.

Economical, they don’t run out of power and don’t lose the signal; there is little risk of them being stolen either. When technology refuses to cooperate, it is always useful for a motorcycle traveler to have a couple of maps with them, which do a great job at helping to find the way.

Keeping your maps and route in sight is easy with tank bags like the most of the collection offered by GIVI. Some like the UT809 Tanklocked, EA103B or EA131 Tanklock have been specially designed to increase the carrying capacity on your travels and provide functional solutions like the wide transparent map pocket.

And finally: just think of the sense of “adventure” they bring to the trip! They represent an iconography that make them objects to be treasured once the journey is over.

For more information about this product or any other accessories for your motorcycle visit www.givi.co.uk or call 01327 706220.Navigating On A Bike… With The Itinerary At Your Fingertips

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For more information about these products or any other accessories for your motorcycle visit www.givi.co.uk or call 01327 706220

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