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New Yamaha NEO’s electric scooter

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New Yamaha NEO’s electric scooter

New Yamaha NEO’s electric scooter
New Yamaha NEO’s electric scooterThe new generation NEO’s is Yamaha’s first “50cc equivalent” electric scooter to be launched in the European market, and has been developed to satisfy the requirements of a wide range of customers in an ever changing world.

Featuring a compact body with simple, universal and attractive styling, this new ultra-quiet zero emission model has a fresh and contemporary look that conveys its easy-to-ride character.

Yamaha developed the world’s first production eBike with the invention of the Power Assist System in the early 1990s, and since then over 7 million Yamaha eBike drive units have been sold. The new NEO’s is equipped with the latest generation Yamaha Integrated Power Unit (YIPU) that has been developed using the extensive knowledge gained by the company over the last three decades.

Powered by a removable 50.4V/19.2Ah lithium-ion battery, a hub-mounted brushless electric motor with direct drive gives quick and controllable acceleration – and the universal riding position makes this new electric scooter ideal for riders of any size and experience. Smart, simple, economical and reliable, the new NEO’s is an ideal choice for anyone who is looking for an affordable next generation electric scooter for daily commuting and general urban mobility.

New Yamaha Neo’s Electric ScooterEasy, quiet and accessible urban mobility for everyone
For many decades, Yamaha has been one of the most successful and respected manufacturers within Europe’s significant 50cc scooter market. Starting from the 1990s, the company has produced some of the industry’s most successful models under the Yamaha and MBK brands – including real icons like the BW’s, the Aerox and both the 2-stroke and 4-stroke versions of the NEO’s.

In parallel to its core internal combustion engine business, Yamaha has been devoting substantial research and development into electrically powered scooters for over 30 years and in 1991 the company displayed the Frog – its first electric scooter – at the Tokyo Motor Show. Since then, Yamaha has continuously worked on electric scooter development and has launched several electric models in various Asian Countries.

For 2022, the new generation electric NEO’s is Yamaha’s first “50cc equivalent” mass-produced electric scooter to be released in the European market and this affordable new zero-emissions model is ready to play its part in the transformation of urban mobility in European towns and cities. 

New Yamaha Neo’s Electric ScooterPure, sporty and with universal styling
The NEO’s has always been known for its simple, universal yet attractive styling and the new electric model comes with smart new bodywork with an upright style and minimal front and rear overhang to give this new scooter a distinctive character of its own.

The compact body features soft, rounded forms that enhance the relaxed feel and convey the easy-to-ride character of this ultra-quiet zero-emissions scooter. Surrounded by white rings that give a fresh, understated and contemporary look, the new full LED twin-eye headlights are inspired by the iconic face of the original NEO’s.

In addition to its aesthetically pleasing design, the NEO’s comes with practical touches that underline its role as a daily urban commuter. Not only do the rubber mouldings applied to the outline of the interior give the NEO’s a stylish external appearance, they also help to protect against minor knocks and scuffs, as well as covering various fasteners to give a sleeker finish.

The NEO’s is available in two simple and effective colours that perfectly capture its understated yet strong character: Milky White and Midnight Black. In both cases, a dedicated Aqua colour – intended to become the signature of Yamaha EV – is used as an accent on the battery cover and as the colour for the 3D NEO’s logos.

Yamaha Integrated Power Unit (YIPU) – smooth, quiet and efficient
The new NEO’s is driven by the latest generation Yamaha Integrated Power Unit (YIPU) that has been developed using the extensive knowledge gained by the company during the development of pioneering electric scooters including the Passol and EC-03 over the last three decades.

At the heart of this compact direct drive wheel hub is a newly developed air-cooled brushless electric motor that delivers high levels of torque for smooth running, strong acceleration and extremely quiet operation. A key feature of this second generation YIPU is its highly efficient gearless design that significantly reduces transmission power losses typically associated with gears and drive belts. Another significant advantage of Yamaha’s direct drive design is that it virtually eliminates mechanical noise for extremely quiet running to give a relaxing and enjoyable ride – and with fewer moving parts, running costs are kept to a minimum.

The innovative YIPU design doubles up as the rear wheel hub and incorporates the rear braking system and the unit is mounted directly to the rear wheel rim. A single sided swingarm contains the Motor Control Unit (MCU) that governs power output and the rear wheel rim can be easily removed for tyre replacement by the removal of five bolts.

Smart, simple, economical and reliable, the new NEO’s is an ideal choice for anyone who is looking for an affordable next generation zero-emissions scooter for daily commuting and general urban mobility.

New Yamaha Neo’s Electric ScooterRemovable Yamaha lithium-ion battery
Weighing just 8 kg and located below the seat in the centre of the chassis is a 50.4V/19.2Ah lithium-ion battery that provides a high power output to the rear wheel. Developed and produced in-house by Yamaha, this high energy density battery gives a range of approximately 37 km on full charge when tested in WMTC Class 1 in STD mode and has a battery temperature of 25°C.

Supplied with one battery as standard equipment, the NEO’s is equipped with the connector and housing for an optional second battery that can extend the range to approximately 68 km.

Charging can be carried out with the battery fitted to the NEO’s or when removed for convenient indoor charging. The NEO’s is supplied with a purpose built portable battery charger designed to be plugged into a domestic socket and takes approximately 8 hours to reach full charge.

Intelligent battery and motor performance
The new NEO’s is designed to achieve optimum running efficiency in different riding conditions and is equipped with a Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) as well as a Motor Control Unit (MCU) that are designed to extract the full performance from the 50.4V/19.2Ah lithium-ion battery and the direct drive electric motor.

The VCU/MCU control when and how each battery is used. If the battery is running low, the power output will be automatically limited – indicated by the turtle icon on the dashboard. When an optional second battery is fitted, the system will switch to the second battery, either when reaching standstill during typical urban stop-and-go riding or automatically during a longer ride without stops.

Quick and controllable acceleration
The combination of a highly efficient direct drive hub-mounted electric motor and Yamaha’s high energy density 50.4V/19.2Ah lithium-ion battery deliver plenty of torque at all throttle openings for instant performance, together with outstanding standing start and roll-on acceleration. With its clutchless and gearless transmission giving smooth performance, the easy-to-ride NEO’s is an extremely efficient scooter that is ideally suited to the stop-start urban riding environment.

Yamaha has taken extra care over the controllability of the NEO’s throttle. The throttle response is carefully engineered to give the rider precise control from a standstill, as well as smooth power delivery in slow-riding conditions – without unexpected acceleration, delay or on-off reaction typical of some electric scooters.

New Yamaha Neo’s Electric ScooterSelectable ride modes for various riding conditions
NEO’s riders can choose from two different ride modes depending on conditions and individual preferences and it’s easy to change modes on the fly using the switch on the right handlebar. STD mode delivers the highest power output of 2.06kW @ 40 km/h and is designed for general use on average roads.

ECO mode is aimed at reducing battery consumption and is best suited to longer rides where achieving maximum range is desirable. In ECO mode, the maximum power is reduced to 1.58kW at 30 km/h and top speed is limited to 35 km/h – while power output is reduced across the entire speed range to extend battery life for a range of approximately 38.5km* on full charge.

*Yamaha research. This range changes by place, riding style and battery degradation.

Smooth, easy and quiet urban mobility
With many cities restricting or even banning combustion engines, the move towards zero-emission vehicles is gathering momentum and the launch of the affordable and accessible new NEO’s gives everyone the opportunity to benefit from smooth and quiet urban transportation.

It’s not just the absence of a combustion engine with its intake and exhaust noise that makes the NEO’s so quiet. The use of Yamaha’s innovative, direct drive hub-mounted brushless electric motor eliminates the mechanical noise associated with gears, belt drives and chains, making it exceptionally quiet.

Yamaha’s test figures show that the electric NEO’s measured 55dB from seven metres away, compared to 71dB for its combustion equivalent – making it one of the quietest vehicles on the road.

New Yamaha Neo’s Electric ScooterConnectivity via Yamaha’s MyRide smartphone app
NEO’s riders can stay connected when riding the new generation NEO’s by downloading Yamaha’s free MyRide app to their smartphone and pairing it with the Communication Control Unit (CCU) on the scooter by simply using a QR code or VIN number. The connected LCD instruments feature icons that display real-time notifications of incoming calls and messages from the user’s smartphone, ensuring that every NEO’s user can keep in touch with friends, family and work colleagues.

NEO’s riders can also share their riding experiences with other Yamaha MyRide users, as well as export journey information and link up with other MyRiders to view photos, compare routes and check out new places to go.

In addition to enabling connectivity, MyRide also gives the NEO’s rider access to technical and running information such as speed, acceleration, vehicle battery status, route tracking and more. The MyRide app will display charging status and the user will be able to see the charge level of the main battery and the optional second battery. A parking locator makes it easy to find the scooter and a malfunction alert lets the user know about any technical issues that may need attention.

By ensuring that every NEO’s rider can stay connected, MyRide makes this new electric scooter the ideal urban mobility solution for everyone, whether they’ve ridden a scooter before or are first time riders.

Compact and easy to read LCD instrument panel – Smart Key keyless system
In addition to the speedometer, odometer and trip and clock functions, the compact-new LCD instrumentation displays charge levels of both the main and second optional battery, as well as STD or ECO riding mode indicators and icons for smartphone app connection, missed calls and email notifications.

Charging status can be seen on the battery itself or on the meter when charging the battery and a charger connected indicator is also featured. Other features include a turtle icon for when power output is restricted, a smart key check light and a ready to ride “RUN” indicator.

The NEO’s is all about convenience and ease of use and its keyless Smart Key system enables the rider to operate the scooter simply by carrying the Smart Key in their pocket.

New Yamaha Neo’s Electric ScooterComfortable, enjoyable and easy to use
Featuring a natural and upright riding position with a 795 mm seat height and a spacious footboard area, the NEO’s is designed to provide comfortable and relaxed ergonomics for a wide range of riders of varying physiques. By locating the battery under the seat rather than beneath the footboards, Yamaha’s design team have ensured that the new NEO’s has a large foot space, giving riders – large or small – the freedom to adopt the seating position that best suits them.

Generous seat cushioning together with the carefully designed handlebar/seat/footboard triangle creates an ergonomically efficient layout that ensures optimum riding comfort together with easy leg reach to the ground for confident starting and stopping.

Newly designed high-strength chassis
Yamaha’s designers have developed an all-new chassis for the electric NEO’s that consists of a high-strength frame that is designed to accommodate the fitment of various accessories including luggage, an apron, a smartphone holder and more. New KYB forks feature tough nickel plated inner tubes for increased corrosion resistance, while the NEO’s durable specification makes it the ideal package for urban commuters who want a simple, reliable and easy form of transport.

Newly designed cast wheels and special low-resistance tyres

Featuring an attractive ten-spoke design and finished in glossy solid black, the lightweight 13-inch diameter front wheel is fitted with a 110 wide tyre for lightweight steering and cornering stability.

At the rear, the NEO’s is equipped with a newly designed low-pressure die cast rim that is bolted directly to the direct drive electric motor and the whole rear unit is supported by a single-sided swing arm. For good traction and cornering stability, a 130 wide tyre is fitted.

Both the front and rear tyres have been specially developed for the new NEO’s and feature a low rolling resistance design and compound that helps to reduce battery power usage for optimum performance and range.

Underseat storage
With one battery fitted, the NEO’s underseat storage compartment can accommodate a jet helmet – and even with a second optional battery fitted for extended range, there’s still space for carrying a rainsuit or other small items.

New Yamaha Neo’s Electric ScooterYamaha NEO’s Key Features
New electric scooter for the 2.5kW AM licence class

Yamaha Integrated Power Unit (YIPU)

Hub-mounted brushless electric motor with direct drive

Lightweight swingarm with built-in Motor Control Unit (MCU)

Quick and controllable acceleration

Universal riding position for riders of different physiques.

Removable 1kWh 50.4V/19.2A lithium-ion battery, weight 8 kg, 225 x 375 x 105 mm

Eight hours full charge time with standard charger

Single battery range approx. 37 km* – with the possibility to connect a second battery**

STD and ECO ride modes

Agile, comfortable and easy to use

27 litres of underseat storage for one jet helmet or a second battery

Simple, compact, universal styling

Full LED front and rear lighting and LED indicators

Spacious footboard area

Die-cast aluminium grab bar

Lightweight 13-inch cast alloy wheels with low-resistance tyres

KYB front forks with corrosion-resistant nickel-plated inner tubes

Detachable rear wheel rim for simple tyre changes

Compact and easy-to-read LCD instrument panel

Connectivity to scooter’s CCU via Yamaha’s MyRide smartphone app

*WMTC Class 1 in STD mode

**Sold separately

Availability and price
The NEO’s will be available in selected European markets starting from May 2022. Price varies per country, please contact your national Yamaha distributor for more information.

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New Yamaha Neo’s Electric Scooter

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