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New Yamaha XSR125 Legacy: Ride Through Time

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New Yamaha XSR125 Legacy: Ride Through Time

New Yamaha XSR125 Legacy: Ride Through Time
New Yamaha XSR125 Legacy: Ride Through TimeYamaha Sport Heritage goes from strength to strength

Since the introduction of the first Yamaha Sport Heritage models the segment has proved to be a great success with riders of all ages and experience who appreciate the special way these machines blend authentic style and individual character with modern technology and sports performance.

The XSR brand has quickly established itself as the definitive line for riders who appreciate iconic motorcycles with real character and genuine charm. Yet at the same time as paying tribute to some of Yamaha’s most iconic models from a previous era, the latest XSR700 and XSR900 are also engineered to deliver high levels of engine, chassis and braking performance – giving their riders the very best of both worlds.

New Yamaha Xsr125 Legacy: Ride Through TimeGrowing popularity
The increasing popularity of Yamaha Sport Heritage models has been stimulated by the influential custom movement – and in particular by the company’s Yard Built programme that has encouraged and facilitated the construction of many special projects by some of Europe’s most creative bike builders. Since its inception the Yard Built project has seen the creation of more than 60 exclusive, one-off specials based on production Sport Heritage models, and Yamaha will continue to invest in the Yard Built scene for 2022 and beyond.

The Yard Built movement has shown how a stock Yamaha production model is the ideal canvas to be transformed into everything from a flat tracker or scrambler through to a café racer. Influenced by some of Yamaha’s most iconic designs from the 60s, 70s and 80s – and equipped with timeless features including spoked wheels, historic colours and quality components – these Yard Built Yamahas have reinvigorated the custom scene and have strengthened the Faster Sons community.

Blending heritage design with contemporary technology in its own unique way, the Faster Sons philosophy is inspiring many riders to personalize their own machines and create something very special that reflects their own personal lifestyle – while at the same time adding an exciting new dimension to the world of motorcycling. Some of these retro design elements – such as spoked wheels – are now a standard feature on the new XSR125 Legacy, underlining how this stylish motorcycle takes the very best from the past and mixes it with the latest design and technology.

New Yamaha Xsr125 Legacy: Ride Through TimeNew XSR125 Legacy: Capturing the spirit of motorcycling
Yamaha has always been committed to building characterful motorcycles for the widest range of riders. Since July 1955 the needs and desires of the rider have always been the main focus of attention when developing new models. It is this customer-centric philosophy that has enabled the company to create iconic and game-changing models that have helped to change the face of motorcycling over the past seven decades.

The company’s mission can be summed up by the Japanese word ‘Kando’: That is to create deeply satisfying products that inspire the heart and spirit – and the new XSR125 Legacy is a perfect example of Kando in action.

Developed from the extremely successful XSR125 that was launched in 2021, the XSR125 Legacy features the same 125cc VVA engine and chassis architecture. However, the XSR125 Legacy benefits from a number of stylistic changes that transform the character of the motorcycle to give it a unique neo-retro look with a truly individual feel.

These refinements give the new model a distinctive silhouette and individual character that reinforce its links with classic Yamahas from the past while underlining the ethos of the Sport Heritage brand: “Inspired by the past, built for the future”. The XSR125 Legacy is indeed built to be a part of the future for every rider – beginner, experienced or returning – who appreciates timeless style and is looking for up-to-the-minute engine and chassis technology that delivers a quality ride.

New Yamaha Xsr125 Legacy: Ride Through TimeLightweight spoked wheels
The XSR125 Legacy is equipped with a range of model-specific features that work together harmoniously to create a machine with a special character that is sure to be appreciated by the many riders who love timeless style. The lightweight spoked wheels are reminiscent of the designs used on Yamaha’s pioneering racing machines from the 1960s and 1970s and are fundamental to giving this new Sport Heritage bike an authentic look and feel.

Gold-coloured rims
The XSR125 Legacy’s classic spoked wheels are equipped with beautifully finished gold-coloured alloy rims that underline the bike’s excellent build quality and reinforce its strong connection with some of Yamaha’s iconic models from the past.

Set against the all-black bodywork and chassis, the combination of spoked wheels and gold rims gives this 125cc neo-retro a truly individual character and timeless look that perfectly captures the spirit of the Faster Sons philosophy.

New Yamaha Xsr125 Legacy: Ride Through TimeDedicated colours and graphics
New graphics have been developed to echo the look of the larger capacity XSR models and reinforce the close family ties of the Sport Heritage line. Gold and silver pinstripes highlight the classic shape of the rounded fuel tank, while the minimalist gold coloured graphic on the sidepanels complements the gold-coloured rims.

The tank, sidepanels and fenders are finished in Historic Black, while the black coloured Deltabox frame, swingarm, upside-down forks and engine covers give a stylish and understated look that perfectly matches the character of this new 125cc motorcycle.

High performance Metzeler Karoo tyres
The XSR125 Legacy’s new spoked wheels are fitted with high performance Metzeler Karoo tyres that are designed to bring out the fun performance of this lightweight Faster Sons model. Their block pattern perfectly complements this new Sport Heritage bike and underlines its ability to deliver an exhilarating ride in a range of situations.

New Yamaha Xsr125 Legacy: Ride Through Time2-piece aluminium muffler cover
XSR Sport Heritage models are famed for their attention to detail and the use of quality components, and the new XSR125 Legacy is no exception. As well as a range of beautifully crafted aluminium brackets and fittings, this lightweight Faster Sons bike is equipped with a 2-piece aluminium muffler cover that reinforces its sporty specification.

Distinctive XSR silhouette
Seen from the side there’s no mistaking the XSR125 Legacy’s bloodline with its strong horizontal flow. The special combination of spoked wheels and upright riding position, as well as its fully exposed mechanical structure and naked good looks are sure to be appreciated by every rider – new or experienced – who knows exactly what they want from their motorcycle.

Class leading 125cc 11kW engine
The XSR125 Legacy is driven by one of the most appreciated and successful engines in the 125cc category. This potent and reliable 125cc 4-valve liquid cooled single cylinder Euro5 compliant powerplant is the same design as used in the MT-125 Hyper Naked and the R-125 Supersport. Producing a full 11kW – the maximum allowable in the A1 license class – this highly acclaimed engine is a strong all round performer.

One of the key technological features is Yamaha’s Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) system that enables the engine to deliver strong torque at lower engine speeds together with excellent performance at higher speeds. This makes the XSR125 Legacy a great performer in a variety of situations, from fast highway riding through to slower speed back road trips – and the ample torque output also ensures lively acceleration.

New Yamaha Xsr125 Legacy: Ride Through Time37mm upside-down front forks
Featuring a black finish that perfectly matches the bike’s black frame and engine, the XSR125 Legacy’s 37mm upside-down forks form part of a first class specification that is even more impressive considering that this 125cc neo-retro is available at such an affordable price. Whether riding through mountain bends, navigating urban traffic or heading off for a weekend tour, these front forks are built to give confident roadholding together with precision handling.

Strong and lightweight Deltabox frame
First developed for the company’s Grand Prix race bikes, Yamaha’s legendary Deltabox frame ensures precision cornering and confidence-inspiring straight line stability that enable the rider to enjoy the full potential of the best-in-class 11kW engine. With a compact 1.330mm wheelbase and accessible 815mm seat height, XSR riders can expect agile handling together with relaxed ergonomics that make this bike eminently suitable for a wide range of riders – whether starting out, experienced or returning to two-wheels.

Stylish LED lighting 
Another example of how the XSR125 Legacy successfully blends timeless retro style with modern technology is the high tech lighting. Featuring a classic circular outer shell with LED position lamp, the main LED headlamp produces a powerful beam for excellent night time visibility – while the compact LED taillight emphasizes the light and elegant profile of the slim and sporty rear end.New Yamaha Xsr125 Legacy: Ride Through Time

Key Features

  • Lightweight spoked wheels with gold-coloured rims
  • Dedicated colours and graphics
  • High performance Metzeler Karoo block pattern tyres
  • 2-piece aluminium muffler cover
  • Distinctive silhouette
  • Best-in-class 125cc 11kW EU5 Engine
  • 37mm upside-down front forks
  • Natural upright riding position
  • Circular LED headlight and LED taillight
  • Light and strong Deltabox frame
  • Lightweight handling and confident roadholding
  • Colour coordinated painted mudguards
  • Slightly stepped bench seat
  • Quality fit and finish with aluminum parts
  • Retro-style circular LCD meter
  • Ultimate Yamaha Faster Sons 125cc model
  • Ideal for beginners, experienced riders and returning bikers

XSR125 Legacy colours, availability and price
XSR125 Legacy will be offered in Historic Black with gold-coloured rims and will be available starting from June 2022. Price varies per country, please contact your national Yamaha distributor for more information.

New Yamaha Xsr125 Legacy: Ride Through TimeYamaha Genuine Accessories and Faster Sons Apparel
Yamaha has developed a wide range of Genuine Accessories that enable the XSR125 Legacy owner to easily personalize their motorcycle. As well as a wide range of individual accessories such as an Akrapovič exhaust, tank pad, screens, luggage, protectors and much more, Yamaha has also created three Genuine Accessory kits – the Racer Pack, the Street Pack and the Tracker Pack.

Customers can order their chosen pack or individual accessories before collecting their new XSR125 Legacy and have them fitted by their Yamaha dealer.

Developed to complement the Sport Heritage range of motorcycles, Yamaha’s Faster Sons apparel line includes stylish T-shirts, jumpers, leather jackets, baseball caps, patches and more that are designed to match the timeless looks of the XSR Legacy.

MyGarage app
Yamaha’s MyGarage app is the quick and easy way for customers to build a virtual XSR125 Legacy with a range of Genuine Accessories while sitting at home with their smart phone or laptop. The free App allows users to add and remove accessories to create their ideal XSR125 Legacy, and the finished result can be viewed in 3D from every angle.

MyGarage takes the guesswork out of choosing which accessories to fit, and to make things even easier the customer’s final selection can be emailed to their chosen Yamaha dealer who will fit the selected Genuine Accessories to the new bike.

For full information on Yamaha Genuine Accessories and Apparel or MyGarage please visit www.yamaha-motor.eu

New Yamaha Xsr125 Legacy: Ride Through TimeMyRide
Yamaha’s free MyRide app gives XSR125 Legacy riders the chance to get more enjoyment and information out of every ride. Available for iOS and Android devices, it tracks and stores every route covered, and enables users to create their own story and add pictures which can be shared on social media. MyRide also allows users to review all riding statistics including total distance, elevation, top speed, average speed, acceleration and lean angle to compare with fellow riders.

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