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Nitro Helmet N302

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Nitro Helmet N302

Nitro Helmet N302Helmets are a basic motorbike safety equipment that protects the most vulnerable & crucial part of our body, which is why every rider tries his best to get his hands on the best helmet available in the market. However, the best helmets are accompanied by a high price tag that contributes to the fact that they are sometimes out of reach for some who reach out to cheaper helmets which can turn out to be knock-offs and just don’t have what it takes to protect in case of an accident. But there do exist some exceptions, which is evident from Nitro’s entire lineup of helmets that are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also made to provide adequate protection in case of an impact. This review entails my experience with Nitro’s N302 entry-level helmet that in all truthfulness has changed my views about entry-level/affordable motorbike gear.

Nitro Helmet N302The Nitro N302 on the outside seems just like any other budget helmet on the market, but what makes it somewhat different from others is its build quality which just seems a level above its class. Moreover, the N302 lineup is available in a multitude of variations, whether it be the size or the colors, which provides a good option to every class of rider. The helmet I bought seemed a bit tight for my head from the outside, but thankfully, there was enough room for my head to fit in, therefore, it will be a good idea to place an order only after confirming your head’s circumference.

Nitro Helmet N302The Nitro full-face helmet not only performs well on the aesthetics, but it also does well when it comes to safety and other features. The polycarbonate shell gives the helmet the desired robustness and at the same time keeps its weight light enough, which is why I didn’t experience any neck pain after an hour-long ride. The washable padding is also quite welcoming and is attached tight enough to the core to keep the wind whistle away from the rider’s ears. The scratch-resistant visor also does its part in providing a quiet ambiance all the while providing an almost 180° line of sight.

The recent hot spell has made us all realize the importance of a proper ventilation system, luckily the Nitro N302 comes with ample ventilation slots on the front and the rear that does their job very efficiently. Lastly, the most important question a lot of you would be asking would be the safety certification which I was also looking for when placing an order for this helmet. The 2021 model of the N302 comes certified with the ECE 22.05 safety rating that, in the end, finalized my order for Nitro’s full-face helmet.Nitro Helmet N302

Nitro N302 has proven to be a great affordable helmet for me, that in addition to being ECE-certified, has some additional extras to offer that are relatively unheard of for a helmet of this class & price. If you are hunting for an affordable motorbike helmet that promises optimum safety then look no further, Nitro N302 has got you covered.

Helmet kindly supplied for review by Bickers Online

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