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The K-5 is most highly anticipated helmet of the 2015 AGV collection, and is now available

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The K-5 is most highly anticipated helmet of the 2015 AGV collection, and is now available

The K-5 is most highly anticipated helmet of the 2015 AGV collection, and is now available

The K-5 is most highly anticipated helmet of the 2015 AGV collection, and is now availableMade from carbon and glass fibres, that guarantees resistance and is extremely lightweight, the new AGV K-5 arrives on the market with clear intent of becoming the top helmet for sports and road use.

Its optimum fit with 3D linings and the fanatical attention to detail such as the small spoilers that integrate perfectly with the overall shape of the shell, it can help reduce turbulence and improve the Cx (coefficient of aerodynamic penetration) the slim, aerodynamic chin guard also ensures that the AGV K5 is highly stable even at high speed. These features contribute to make the AGV K-5 the best for comfort.

The K-5 belongs to the AGV EXTREME STANDARDS family. The structural components of the helmet were specifically designed to offer excellent performance standards while minimising dimensions and weight. The K-5 in MS size weighs 1390g (+/-50g). Also the bottom side profile was specifically designed to reduce potential damage to the collarbone in the event of a fall.

The K-5 was designed using the FEM (Finite Element Method), which allows impacts and helmet resistance to be simulated before the moulds are actually made. This sophisticated and costly method allows AGV to create a light, compact helmet with improved energy absorption properties. In this context, the K-5 provides safety margins that far exceed those set by ECE2205 standards.

The IVS (Integrated Ventilation System) features ducts that are hollowed into the shell for improved, more efficient air circulation inside the helmet. The K-5 features three front intakes, two side and one central (which is positioned strategically high so that the intake still flows air even if the sunvisor is in the “up” position), integrated in the shell profile, which provides a constant flow of fresh air inside the helmet. Rear extractors with a new ON/OFF system remove hot moist air. The design has been ‘wind tunnel tested’ to optimise ventilation.

The helmet also features two outer and four inner shell sizes. These inner EPS shells are made of foam from 4 different thicknesses to guarantee the rider a perfect fit. Each EPS inner shell has 4 different densities, to always guarantee the best safety and lightness combination. During the helmet design stage, vision is now significantly wider than on a traditional helmet thanks to the special shape of the bottom side edge of the aperture.

The helmet can fit two different visors depending on shell size to ensure a perfect seal with the shell.

The K-5 also has a new “easy-op” micro-opening system; you can open the visor in small amounts by using a button on the chin guard. This locks the visor in a slight open position for better ventilation. The compact visor opening and closing mechanism has the XQRS system, for quick visor removal without using tools.

The K-5 comes with an internal smoked anti-scratch sun visor that can be removed without tools for cleaning or replacement, plus removable and washable Dri-Lex® liners have been specially treated to prevent bacteria from forming.

The new AGV K-5 has a “Double-D” retention system and is “SHARE SYSTEM READY*” for the AGV communication system that allows the rider and passenger to talk as well as use a mobile phone or Sat Nav via Bluetooth®.

The Share system also helps decrease the emission of electromagnetic waves.

The RRP for the AGV K-5 is €339 for the Multi version and €299 for the Mono version

The AGV K-5 is also available through D-Store online at the following link:


The K-5 helmet has different homologations, depending on the country where it is sold
* The SHARE SYSTEM is available only in certain countries

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