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Torres, Ferrari, Garzo & Krummenacher ready to tackle the TT Circuit Assen

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Torres, Ferrari, Garzo & Krummenacher ready to tackle the TT Circuit Assen

Torres, Ferrari, Garzo & Krummenacher ready to tackle the TT Circuit Assen

Torres, Ferrari, Garzo & Krummenacher ready to tackle the TT Circuit AssenWe’re already at Round 4 of the FIM Enel MotoE™ World Championship, and it’s time to return to the classic TT Circuit Assen. Ahead of track action beginning on Friday morning, some of the protagonists so far sat down to go over key talking points: Championship leader Jordi Torres (Openbank Aspar Team), closest challenger Matteo Ferrari (Felo Gresini MotoE™), first time winner last time out Hector Garzo (Dynavolt Intact GP MotoE™) and his rookie teammate Randy Krummenacher. Here are some quotes and photos!
Torres, Ferrari, Garzo & Krummenacher Ready To Tackle The Tt Circuit AssenJORDI TORRES: “Mugello was difficult because there was a long straight, and maybe because also the track is very difficult. I only really achieved the points for the championship, and this was important. But now we return another time to fight and to battle on the top, and we stay for sure here in Assen which is a great track for us also because there are many turns that we know very well from the past. And yes, we’ll see how these races are. For sure, t will be very enjoyable like the Sachsenring races and with many battles. We will see which show we can offer.”

Does your past experience count?
“Yeah, experience in this category is very important because we don’t get a lot of time on the track. We get a few laps to learn the braking points and some tips about the track when we’re riding. So yes, experience is a big part of it for us. Knowing very well how the electric motorcycle is, how the power feels, the feeling that you need to push and where the limit is. There’s many factors that the experience for sure helps us a lot to ride better.”

On consistency vs aggression:
“This year we have many rounds, but it’s still just like it was in the past. To score 0 points at the end of the race is a very big mistake, and we still have the same objective. Catching points is the main important thing because sometimes you arrive at a track that you don’t know very well. You don’t have time to be faster or to make a good performance. We are still continuing in this way, catching points and bringing more information to the box so we can still continue our development.”
Torres, Ferrari, Garzo & Krummenacher Ready To Tackle The Tt Circuit AssenConsistency vs aggression:
MATTEO FERRARI: “I’m more relaxed compared to the past. A lot during the past the feeling with the bike was ok but with not too much races the points are very important. This year we have 16 races, in my opinion it’s better, we can push more. I’m second because I crashed in Le Mans but we had time to recover. Also the weekend at the Sachsenring wasn’t my best weekend but I achieved points and I’m there so we have time and in my opinion it’s better and we are more relaxed.”

What was it about Germany that was tougher?
“For sure in the Sachsenring it’s very difficult to overtake compared to other tracks. We made a mistake in qualifying, the set up wasn’t the best but every time we have to discover the bike. We did this mistake, it’s not a problem as we are in the first part of the season. The goal for both races was to arrive in front, in race one we achieved a podium and in race two the race finished a little bit early unfortunately. When you are fast in all the tracks, it’s a good way to ride this bike and work with this team… Now we have to achieve more points because I think we’re really fast so we have to try to the best qualifying every time to start at the front and do the races like in Le Mans and Mugello.”

Where do you think you’re making the difference in terms of raw speed?
“It’s difficult to say because in Practice I’m always alone so it’s difficult to see the other riders. At the moment yes because I’m fast because I try to ride alone but sometimes it can happen it’s not a problem. During the race in Sachsenring I saw I was really fast during the braking point but when you are not in a good position, it’s difficult to show your potential and speed. It’s a good way to ride this bike but I have to improve this point to overtake the other riders better to be fast when I’m not in front.”
Torres, Ferrari, Garzo & Krummenacher Ready To Tackle The Tt Circuit AssenOn the Spinelli incident but bouncing back:
HECTOR GARZO: “I was a little bit angry but I think it’s normal… but for sure I was disappointed because after all the work of the weekend. I try not to fail in any race, always to be there but this is racing. I already apologised to some guys about my attitude and I’ll say it again now, these things happen.

“The best response to this situation was have the second race that I had! Try to be as focused as possible because it is easy to lose concentration after this situation . I think we did a good job. I was really clever with my last overtake when the rain started to come. All weekend it was showing little drops and then it was showing harder and harder. I was a little bit lucky that I felt the rain a little bit harder on the last lap and I could end the race. We are doing a good job. As I said, It was really disappointing to end race 1 as we did. 20 points from Jordi, I thought we could have made it up in Race 1 but this is racing. We need to put a stone in that race and not think about and focus on the next races.”

Thoughts on Assen?
“I was always excited to be here because I love this track. This bike normally gives us better results and times than last year, so we’ll see. You never know, it’s a new track for this bike but I think we can continue breaking records. I hope to have anyone for Ferrari… I think we can enjoy the weekend.”Torres, Ferrari, Garzo & Krummenacher Ready To Tackle The Tt Circuit AssenRANDY KRUMMENACHER: “Well. It’s tough here, these guys are really quick. I made some mistakes. I had to gain some experience. I had to adjust myself on the bike. But Sachsenring, it seemed to be the turning point where it really felt like, wow, I can really push the way I want to. Of course the qualifying there wasn’t that good in the rain, and then starting from 7th in such a short race isn’t easy. So race one, of course, was really, really positive. In race two at the end, as Jordi said, points are really important so I gained more points. So yeah, we are here, Assen. I’ve had some great races here in the past and I’m really looking forward to it.”

What’s the goal here?
“I definitely want to prove that Sachsenring was not just one race. Like I said, Assen I know very well and I just want to be at the fr

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