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Touratech luggage plate XL for Yamaha Ténéré 700

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Touratech luggage plate XL for Yamaha Ténéré 700

Touratech luggage plate XL for Yamaha Ténéré 700
Touratech luggage plate XL for Yamaha Ténéré 700The luggage plate XL for the Yamaha T7 offers solo travellers the perfect solution for safely stowing even extra-large rack packs. The extremely robust aluminium plate takes over the pillion seat and luggage rack area.

It’s not only veteran travellers who know that luggage stowed on a motorcycle should be as close to the centre of gravity as possible. It therefore makes no sense for solo travellers to fix their luggage roll right at the back on a rack. Experienced riders strap their rolls to the pillion seat.

But the fastening options in this position are often limited, and the bench foam does not provide an ideal base either. For the Lonesome Rider on a Yamaha Ténéré 700, Touratech now has the perfect solution in the form of the luggage plate XL with which you can lash even the largest luggage rolls securely, with a low centre of gravity.

The luggage plate XL not only replaces the pillion seat, it provides a flat surface, reaching over the mudguard – where the luggage rack normally sits. The luggage plate XL is definitely not lacking in robustness. An aluminium adapter plate with stainless steel hooks snaps exactly into the original locking mechanism of the pillion seat. The device is locked with the standard lock, operated with the ignition key. In addition, rubber buffers ensure a play-free fit.

The actual luggage plate is made of black anodised aluminium with a sturdy thickness of four millimetres. Generous material recesses keep the weight within practical limits. The straight lines, forming an exact extension of the surface of the rider’s seat, prevent the creation of an edge so that coccyx injuries, for example during rough off-road use, are excluded.

To enable secure lashing to meet any terrain, the luggage plate XL has generously dimensioned strap eyelets. Rack packs can be attached either classically crosswise to the direction of travel or lengthwise.

The grips at the rear of the frame remain fully accessible, and there is nothing to prevent the simultaneous use of a ZEGA aluminium pannier system.

Luggage plate XL for Yamaha Ténéré 700 benefits
• Easy exchange with pillion seat
• Lock with ignition key
• Four millimetre thick aluminium
• Huge storage area
• Generous strap eyelets
• No risk of injury
• Can be used together with case system

Item no.: 632-5457

Further information can be found in their webshop

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