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XENA Motorcycle Security Products

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XENA Motorcycle Security Products

XENA Motorcycle Security Products

XENA Motorcycle Security ProductsThe increasing theft rates have made motorbike security locks a need of time without which motorbikes are extremely prone to thefts. The market is flooded with cheap & unreliable locks that can easily be bypassed in a minute. Therefore, we are trying out a number of Xena Security items during a motorcycle test. The look at the Xena XX14 bluetooth disc lock, XSU series stainless steel locks, steel chain, chain adaptor and ground anchor.

Xena Motorcycle Security ProductsThe first & most important part of the package is the Xena XX14 bluetooth disc lock. The Xena disc lock series is available in several configurations and the XX14 is the second most heavy-duty lock that is compatible mostly with bigger bikes (we have previously tested the bigger brother XX15). The stainless-steel mono-bloc has a built-in beefy 14 mm carbide-reinforced pin which is then operated by a key. Once locked, and turned on via the app the sensitive motion & shock sensor inside the lock are delicate enough to sound the alarm even if someone slightly moves the bike. Having already setup the XX15 on my phone it was easy to setup the XX14 (you can have more than one item setup) but if first time it can initially be a bit fiddly to setup. In our previous test of the XX15 once I figured out that the Xena has to be locked and in position on the disc to enable the bluetooth all was good. You can of course still use the lock as a standard disc lock without bluetooth or the alarm. The 120dB sound alarm is pretty loud to scare away the thief and to alert the people around the bike. The alarm & battery settings can be configured via the mobile app and the Lithium cell can be replaced easily using the key. The Xena XX14 is not only compatible with several motorbikes but it will also pass the test of time thanks to its corrosion-resistant body & the pin.

Xena Motorcycle Security ProductsThe Xena XX14 disc lock provides excellent security, but there’s always room for improvement and that is where the chain adaptor and the chain itself come into play. The Xena chain adaptor and the chain are sold as separate accessory items with the XX14 lock, and they are a great choice if you want to firmly secure your motorbike. The chain adaptor might look a bit thin from a distance, but it is quite resistant against attacks from a wedge or even a heavy-duty plier. Note, the chain adaptor isn’t compatible with the XX15 but I’m sure they will bring a larger one out.

Once the chain adaptor is firmly in place, it is then time to hook it to Xena’s hardened steel chains (with the paddock). Xena steel chains are available in different configurations and all of them work just fine, though, a thicker chain would be a better choice if you want extra protection. Moreover, all the Xena chains are corrosion resistant and covered with a nylon sleeve just so they don’t rattle & corrode as much as they do without a sleeve.

Xena Motorcycle Security ProductsThe final step to secure your bike by a chain is to use either a lock or a ground anchor and thankfully Xena has got both the products for you. Xena’s XSU series stainless steel locks have got the strength and the ability to firmly lock up a chain wrapped around a motorbike. Both the lock and the chrome shackle are hardened to make them more resistant to fractures. Available in three different configurations, the Xena locks are designed and made to go perfectly well with Xena steel chains (and disc lock with chain adaptor) which make these locks a must-buy in conjunction with Xena steel chains.Xena Motorcycle Security Products

A padlock is a necessary item to secure a motorbike outside a garage (in conjunction with padlock and chain) a ground anchor is a better choice when it comes to securing a motorbike in a garage, driveway or on patio in our case. The XGA ground anchor by Xena is made just for this purpose and it can be installed very easily using just a 20mm drill bit (which you will need to buy separately if like me you only had a 12mm). The nearly 2kg heavy anchor can safely be driven over when flat and its single bolt holds to the ground securely. With a pulling strength of over 3-tonnes, the XGA ground anchor will secure any motorbike effortlessly.Xena Motorcycle Security Products

Overall, Xena motorbike security products are made for each other and therefore can be used easily with one another. The availability of such a diverse range of options makes it easier to secure a motorbike at any place that ultimately provides peace of mind to the owner and allows him to fully delve into his tasks without thinking time & again about the safety of his prized motorbike.

Xena Motorcycle Security ProductsMy only slight niggle is if your going to buy the full package different coloured key covers for each item or something to indicate which key belongs to which item as the keys are pretty much identical. For example I had the XX15, XX14 disc locks and padlock on a bike, it got very confusing with which key went which product in the end I scratched into the plastic the identity of each item.

This isn’t a niggl but more advice the chain is really heavy so if you plan to take it with you on a ride bare that in mind.Xena Motorcycle Security Products

The XX14 Bluetooth Alarmed Disk Lock, Chain, Ground Anchor and Padlock were supplied to us by Motohaus.com. The XX14 Bluetooth Alarmed Disk Lock retails for £100 – including VAT. To purchase visit www.motohaus.com

For more info head to the official Xena website xenasecurity.com/

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Xena SecurityClick here for more info on Xena Security

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Xena Motorcycle Security Products

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