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D-air® Misano 1000. The future of protection is in D-air®

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D-air® Misano 1000. The future of protection is in D-air®

D-air® Misano 1000. The future of protection is in D-air®

D-air® Misano 1000. The Future Of Protection Is In D-air®Dainese celebrates 1000 deployments of the D-air® system by presenting the D-air® Misano 1000 leather jacket. This new Dainese product features a stand-alone electronically deployed air-bag for road use.

Misano Adriatico, Thursday 10th September 2015 – During an exclusive party held at the Riviera Golf Resort in San Giovanni in Marignano (RN) dedicated to all Moto GP professionals and the International press Dainese celebrated 1000 deployments of the D-air® system and presented the first stand-alone Dainese air-bag jacket for road use. To celebrate this important milestone, the newest Dainese jacket was named “Misano 1000”.

The future of protection is in D-air® and the data recorded by Dainese over the past 15 years prove just that. More than 1000 deployments on racetracks and open roads all over the world have been documented and analysed by the development team confirming the effectiveness and reliability of the system. The amount of data acquired thanks to these deployments further contributed to the continuos fine tuning of Dainese’s proprietary triggering algorithms.

The new Misano 1000 leather jacket operates without need of sensor kit fitted to the motorcycle.

The sensors, electronics and the GPS, in this configuration, are housed in the back protector.

The Dainese patented 3D airbag has an inner micro-filament structure which provides uniform inflation of 5cm over all surfaces to provide maximum protection and comfort. The patented construction of the air-bag is unique and differs from all other air-bags used in the automotive industry.

The triggering algorithm, the true brain of the system, utilizes six sensors hosted in the back-protector to monitor the dynamics of the rider’s body 800 times a second and determines when to deploy the system in the event of impacts, high-sides and low-slides with tumbling.

The Misano 1000 air-bag system works in synergy with the back and chest-protectors, safeguarding the riders collar bone, chest and back as well as limiting excessive strain to the neck.

The integration of the ON/OFF switch in the jacket closing flap provides an additional safety factor. An LED on the right arm shows the status of the system. The jacket which will be available, in two color schemes, from November at the price of €1499.

“With the Misano 1000, Dainese widens its range of airbag products reinforcing its total commitment to safety”, said Cristiano Silei, Dainese CEO. “The 1000 deployments of the D-air® system represent a true milestone in the adoption of electronic air-bag systems for motorcyclists. The future of protection is in D-air®.”

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