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Pirelli DIABLO ™ Superbike PRO updates its range introducing new profiles, compounds and sizes

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Pirelli DIABLO ™ Superbike PRO updates its range introducing new profiles, compounds and sizes

Pirelli DIABLO ™ Superbike PRO updates its range introducing new profiles, compounds and sizes

Pirelli Diablo ™ Superbike Pro Updates Its Range Introducing New Profiles, Compounds And SizesThe tyre range born from Pirelli’s experience in Superbike championships and developed for training sessions on track and track-days, introduces the bi-compound 200/55 R17 rear size plus a new 120/70 R17 front with a higher performance compound and profiles

The Pirelli DIABLO™ Superbike PRO, tyre born in 2009 thanks to the experience of Pirelli in Superbike championships and developed for training sessions on track and track-days, is now available in the new bi-compound 200/55 R17 rear size and in an updated version of the 120/70 R17 with higher performing profiles.

DIABLO™ Superbike PRO is a slick tyre intended for track use only designed to deliver maximum performance on Superbikes combined with excellent durability and offering high grip, handling and stability typical of products intended for motorcycles with a standard chassis, to exploit the full potential and maximize the enjoyment for the rider.

To improve the already excellent product features, Pirelli’s engineers have acted on both the front and the new 200/55 rear tyre.

The new 120/70 R17 front tyre has been updated to reflect the latest developments made to the DIABLO™ Supercorsa SC thus acquiring all the experience gained in various Superbike, Supersport and Superstock championships. Compared to the previous version, the new product has a new compound and a more aggressive profile which improves handling and provides a larger contact surface able to offer more grip, stability and precision during the trajectory of the corner.

The new 200/55 R17 rear tyre replaces the current 190/55 R17 size and in line with the changes made on the front adopts all the developments acquired over the years in racing activities. Structures and profiles are similar to those used on DIABLO™ Supercorsa SC so as to work perfectly in synchronization with the front tyre to provide a balanced behaviour and an easy set-up. The benefits derived from the combination of the structure with the profile are the same obtained on the front tyre with the additional advantage of subjecting the compound to a lower level of stress due to the larger contact surface. This has allowed us to work on the compounds to increase grip while maintaining the advantages of the previous product in terms of durability, consistency and ease of set-up. Now the 200/55 R17 rear tyre is a dual compound with a ratio of 35%-30%-35%: the central compound extends for a 30% of the tyre profile, while the compound of the shoulder covers 35% of the profile of each side. The compound in the central section ensures durability and consistent temperature, while the shoulder compound derives from that of the DIABLO™ Supercorsa SC2 and significantly increases grip in the corners.

DIABLO™ Superbike PRO is therefore proposed as a meeting point between the racing world and the sportying rider who trains on track to participate in amateur competition or simply loves riding on track and wants to exploit the full potential of his motorcycle. Compared to DIABLO™ Superbike, the top of Pirelli range used by professional riders but which requires an advanced setting of the motorcycle to be fully exploited, the peculiarity of the DIABLO™ Superbike PRO is that it offers greater ease of set-up very similar to that provided by supersport focused tyres combined with long-lasting performance. A perfect synthesis between racing setting, ‘sporty’ carcass and long-durability compounds. Compared to its older brother used in full Superbike competition, DIABLO™ Superbike PRO has a more flexible carcass, compounds capable of ensuring a much higher mileage and a structure that was designed for the range of sizes of the most popular superbikes with 17-inch wheels. In this way the tyre is able to work in perfect symbiosis with the chassis as well as the standard suspension without having to change the set-up, geometry of the chassis or final gear ratio: to be able to get 100% is sufficient to set the best balance according to your own riding style.

The sport-derived structure was developed to ensure uniform temperature and regular wear during repeated on track sessions, ensuring stability in performance and a long tyre life.

The profiles derived from the experience in the WSBK Championship are optimised to ensure a wide and uniform contact surface at all angles of lean and a regular transfer of power to the ground even in sudden changes of direction.

The compounds provide high durability combined with excellent properties of maintaining the operating temperature, due to the easy warm-up and maintenance of performance, lap after lap.

Compared to DIABLO™ Superbike, having to offer a product easy to use and designed for track sessions, the performance was improved at lower operating temperatures by reducing the time needed for warm-up, so as not to make strictly necessary the use of tyre warmers and take advantage of the maximum grip after just a few laps. At higher temperatures instead DIABLO™ Superbike PRO fails to limit the degradation of the tread pattern also in presence of a more aggressive riding style, thanks to a level of flexibility and deformability which is more controlled and avoids undermining the compounds.

DIABLO™ Superbike PRO, recognizable by the longitudinal red stripe on the tread pattern and for the red “PRO” logo on the tyre side, is available for the front in 120/70 R17 size and at the rear in 180/55 R17plus the new 200/55 R17 sizes.

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