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The New BMW S 1000 RR

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The New BMW S 1000 RR

The New BMW S 1000 RR
The New BMW S 1000 RR“With a more powerful engine, advanced suspension and chassis, the new Brake Slide Assist and DTC Slide Control assistance systems as well as optimised aerodynamics with winglets and a redesigned rear end, we were able to raise the RR’s performance to a new level.” Wolfgang Wallner, Project Manager S 1000 RR

The New Bmw S 1000 RrThe new BMW S 1000 RR – even more dynamic thanks to comprehensive innovations to the engine, suspension, chassis, aerodynamics, design and assistance systems.

The supersports bike first presented in 2009 will now be available in a new edition featuring advanced engine and chassis, optimised aerodynamics with winglets, a new rear end and new assistance systems.

Advanced 4-cylinder engine that sets a new benchmark in terms of performance, torque and rideability.

The new RR features a 4-cylinder in-line engine based on the power unit of the current S 1000 RR. Peak power is now 154 kW (210 hp) at 13,750 rpm (does not apply to US machines), 2 kW (3 hp) more than the previous model. The maximum torque of 113 Nm is generated at 11,000 rpm. In spite of an increase in peak output, the usable engine speed range of the new RR is now significantly broader and more fulsome. The maximum engine speed is 14,600 rpm.

The New Bmw S 1000 RrDynamic Traction Control DTC with new Slide Control function using steering angle sensor.

The new feature of Dynamic Traction Control DTC is the Slide Control function. It allows the rider to select two preset drift angles for the traction control system when accelerating out of bends. Technically, this is achieved using a steering angle sensor. Up to the respective leaning angle, the traction control system allows slippage at the rear wheel when accelerating out of a bend, thus enabling rear wheel drift. When the preset steering angle value is reached, traction control intervenes, reduces slip and stabilises the motorcycle.

Advanced “Flex Frame” and newly defined chassis and suspension geometry.

The heart of the chassis of the new RR is still the aluminium bridge frame, which is a welded construction of four gravity die-cast elements and integrates the engine, which is inclined forward by 32 degrees as before, as a supporting element. With the aim of optimising flexibility laterally, the main frame of the new RR was given several openings in the side areas. The focus was also on further increasing riding precision when developing the new chassis of the RR. The steering head angle has been flattened out by 0.5° and the offset of the triple clamps reduced by 3 mm. The new chassis geometry is accompanied not only by even better riding precision, but also by increased accuracy and clearer feedback from the front wheel.

The New Bmw S 1000 RrABS Pro with new Brake Slide Assist and ABS Pro “Slick” setting functions.

The new Brake Slide Assist function is an important and very helpful innovation for race track riders. As in the new DTC Slide Control function, this new system is also based on steering angle sensors and allows the rider to set a specific drift angle for so-called braking drifts while sliding into corners at a maintained speed.

Winglets, redesigned front and rear sections and attractive colour schemes for even more performance and sportiness.

As with the M RR, winglets on the new RR now ensure the best possible contact of the front wheel with the road – especially when accelerating. They generate aerodynamic downforce and thus additional load on the wheels. The advantages are that the bike’s tendency to do a wheelie is reduced, you can break later and cornering stability is increased.

When it comes to design, the new edition of the RR benefits from a redesigned front section including winglets, a new, lighter and sportier-looking rear section and the three new colour schemes Blackstorm metallic, Style Passion in Racingred non-metallic and the racing-oriented Lightwhite non-metallic/BMW M.

The New Bmw S 1000 RrThe highlights of the new BMW S 1000 RR:

• Increased output and torque: 154 kW (210 hp) at 13,750 rpm and 113 Nm at 11,000 rpm.

• Shorter secondary gear ratio for more traction at the rear wheel.

• Advanced “Flex Frame” with more flex.

• Chassis geometry with new values for steering head angle, offset, caster and wheelbase.

• M Chassis Kit as standard with adjustable swinging arm pivot point and raised rear end.

• Dynamic Traction Control DTC with new Slide Control function for drifts while accelerating using steering angle sensor.

• ABS Pro with new Brake Slide Assist function using steering angle sensor for braking drifts when approaching corners.

• ABS Pro Setting “Slick”

The New Bmw S 1000 Rr• Optimised aerodynamics with new front section, winglets, high windshield and partioning off of the lower triple clamp.

• M lightweight battery as standard.

• USB charging port in the rear section.

• Redesigned rear section and shorter number plate holder.

• Optimised wiring harness for removing the number plate holder.

• Clutch and generator cover in black.

• Easier rear wheel assembly due to loss-proof axle bushings and chamfered brake pads and brake anchor plate.

• M GPS Mouse Adapter as part of the BMW Motorrad original accessory range.

• New GoPro holder as part of the BMW Motorrad original accessory range.

The New Bmw S 1000 RrFor more BMW Motorrad UK news check out our dedicated page BMW Motorrad UK News

or head to the official BMW Motorrad UK website New Bmw S 1000 Rr

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