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Yamaha reveals eBike lineup: MORO 07, Wabash RT and CrossCore RC

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Yamaha reveals eBike lineup: MORO 07, Wabash RT and CrossCore RC

Yamaha reveals eBike lineup: MORO 07, Wabash RT and CrossCore RC
Yamaha launches three new ‘own brand’ eBikes in Mountain, Gravel and Urban segments.

A new era in zero emission two-wheel personal mobility

As one of the leading brands in personal mobility on land, water and snow, Yamaha has forever changed the face of the motorcycle, scooter, marine and snowmobile worlds with some of the most revolutionary new designs and game-changing concepts.

Yamaha is committed to creating innovative new products that have the power to provide an exciting and inspirational 360-degree lifetime experience for thousands of customers all over the world. With an illustrious history going back almost 70 years, the brand has established a reputation for premium quality, remarkable performance and cutting edge design – and now Yamaha is fully prepared to move into an electric future with next generation designs that offer everyone a special new sense of freedom and joy.

Yamaha: eBike pioneer since 1993

It was nearly 30 years ago that Yamaha launched the world’s first production eBike. Initially aimed at commuters and shoppers, the original Yamaha PAS was a revolutionary new concept that will go down in history as the spark that ignited the whole eBike movement. The PA26 experience set Yamaha on the path to becoming a major producer of eBikes for the Japanese market during the past three decades, as well as a key manufacturer of eBike System which are powering many of today’s eBikes sold within the European market.

Embracing the age of the two-wheel Electric Vehicle

Announced in early 2022, Yamaha’s Switch ON strategy confirmed the company’s entry into the world of electric personal mobility and outlined its ambitions to become a leading brand in the two-wheel Electric Vehicle market. Designed to inspire a new generation of customers who are looking for zero emission personal transportation for sport, leisure and commuting, the forthcoming line up of Yamaha eBikes, scooters and pedelecs adds another dimension to personal mobility.

MORO 07, WABASH RT and CROSSCORE RC: Three new Yamaha eBikes for 2022

One of the most exciting new chapters in Yamaha’s history is about to be written with the launch of three eagerly awaited new eBikes for 2022 covering the MTB, gravel and urban sectors.

The company’s experience in the production of eBikes and compact drive units is second to none, and the new Yamaha line up has been holistically developed with the PW Series drive units and is imbued with the company’s dynamic DNA.

Aimed at a wide variety of riders from existing Yamaha motorcycle and scooter owners who appreciate the strong brand values through to customers looking for a good price/performance ratio combined with trusted technology, the Moro 07, Wabash RT and CrossCore RC will be available exclusively through Yamaha’s network of Powered Two Wheel dealers.

Yamaha reveals eBike lineup: MORO 07, Wabash RT and CrossCore RCYamaha MORO 07: Ride without limits

Moro 07 is Yamaha’s premium eMTB with a unique chassis design featuring a Dual Twin frame and high-torque PW-X3 drive unit that have been developed in unison to deliver smooth and powerful performance on the most challenging mountain single track.

Instant power

The new generation PW-X3 is Yamaha’s smallest, lightest and most powerful drive unit weighing just 2.75kg and features an ultra-compact design that gives a narrow Q-Factor that enables the rider to achieve their best performance. A key feature of the PW-X3 is its Zero Cadence technology that gives instant power delivery at the slightest pedal input, giving its rider a real advantage in the tightest situations.

Developing 85Nm, this class-leading drive unit gives an outstanding torque to weight ratio and provides high power at high cadence for strong performance on steep hills and in sandy or muddy terrain.

A significant characteristic of the Moro 07 is the way that the PW-X3 drive unit delivers a lightweight feel at speeds over 25km/h, and this has been achieved by the fitment of newly developed gears and freewheels that reduce mechanical loss, giving a natural and responsive feeling when pedalling at higher speeds.

Unique Dual Twin frame

This quality eMTB is designed to provide excellent all round handling that enables its rider to enjoy new challenges on the toughest terrain from technical single track to fast fire roads. A key feature is the unique Dual Twin frame that features dual top tubes and down tubes that are designed to give a finely tuned rigidity balance that delivers a confident chassis handling character together with plenty of surface feedback and accurate feel.

Moro 07’s Dual Twin chassis has been designed alongside the PW-X3 drive unit, making it the first holistically developed premium eMTB – and the drive unit’s compact dimensions and low weight have enabled Yamaha’s engineers to achieve idealised chassis dimensions, notably excellent ground clearance and a compact wheelbase for increased agility.

Premium equipment

The PW-X3’s small physical size has also enabled the design of an innovative new 150 mm travel rear suspension system with RockShox Super Deluxe Select + mounted between the twin top tubes. RockShox LYRIK SELECT Charger forks offer 160mm travel for sure-footed front suspension action, and Maxxis 27.5 x 2.6-inch tyres give the traction and flex needed for effective riding together with a high degree of surface feel. Magura MT5 brakes deliver power with feel, and the gearset is a premium Shimano XT 1 x 12 for smooth shifting and effective drive.

Interface X with Smartphone connectivity

The stem-mounted Yamaha Interface X gives a tidy cockpit handlebar area and features ergonomic mode assist buttons as well as a colour-coded assist mode indicator and capacity indicator for the integrated Yamaha 500Wh battery. Bluetooth® Low Energy Technology enables smartphone connectivity via compatible apps, and Interface X is compatible with many cycle computer brands.Yamaha Reveals Ebike Lineup: Moro 07, Wabash Rt And Crosscore Rc

Colours and sizes

Moro 07 is offered in three sizes and is available in Icon Blue and Raven/Silver.

MORO 07 Technical Highlights

Engineered to handle the toughest mountain and single track terrain

Dynamic Yamaha DNA

Holistic development of drive unit and chassis

Yamaha ‘Dual Twin’ frame with dual top and down tubes

Compact and lightweight PW-X3 drive unit – only 2.75kg

Yamaha Zero Cadence technology

High power at high cadence

Quad Sensor technology

85Nm torque

Narrow Q-factor

Integrated speed sensor

Automatic Support Mode

Walk Assist feature

Direct coupler

23.9 kg at size M

Yamaha Lithium Ion 500Wh, 36V, 13.4Ah

Yamaha Interface X enables smartphone connectivity

RockShox LYRIK SELECT RC 160mm stroke 37mm offset


Magura MT5 with 203mm Storm CL rotors. 4-Piston

Shimano M8100 XT 1×12 drivetrain

Front: Maxxis Minion DHF New EXO+ /3C MaxxTerra 27.5×2.6, Rear: Maxxis Rekon New EXO+/3C MaxxTerra 27.5×2.6

Three sizes available

Icon Blue


Yamaha Reveals Ebike Lineup: Moro 07, Wabash Rt And Crosscore RcYamaha Wabash RT: Stylish versatility

With its stylish yet functional design, the Yamaha Wabash RT is a sleek new gravel bike that is aimed at those riders who appreciate the fun, freedom and friendships that are an integral part of the whole riding experience. The real beauty of the Wabash RT is that it offers riders the chance to get out of the city or suburbs and explore new places and enjoy every second of the ride – because it’s as much about the journey as it is about getting there.

Enjoyable ride with lightweight handling

Wabash RT benefits from a sleek and elegant frame design with new school geometry that is designed to give a confident and enjoyable ride with a lightweight feel on the tarmac and gravel.

A maximum of 70Nm of power assistance is provided by Yamaha’s best-selling PW-ST drive unit whose Zero Cadence technology delivers smooth torque to the drivetrain as soon as it senses rider pedal input. Wabash RT riders will also appreciate the Automatic Support Mode that uses Quad Sensor and Inclination Sensor technologies to provide additional power when riding uphill or into a headwind.

Sleek style

Chassis ergonomics are designed for a relaxed and comfortable ride, and the adjustable: 60mm (L / M), 40mm (S) + 40mm suspension dropper post enables the rider to achieve the best position to suit their physique and style. Wheels and tyres are ready for tubeless conversion, and the integrated 500Wh battery and compact drive unit blend seamlessly with the chassis to give this new gravel bike an elegant look.

Holistic development with attractive price/performance ratio

The chassis and drive unit on all Yamaha eBikes including the Wabash RT have been developed in unison in order to achieve the best balance between the power output and chassis handling characteristics. This is a key factor in achieving the Wabash RT’s extremely natural, enjoyable and lightweight riding experience.

This new gravel bike offers a strong overall specification together with a reasonable price, making it an attractive option for riders who appreciate the real value of Yamaha’s proven design and manufacturing capabilities.

Easy to use interface

Yamaha’s Display A has been designed to suit the needs of gravel riders and provides easy to read essential information with a simple large format LCD display that includes a speedometer, battery capacity indicator, assist mode setting, trip meter, odometer and range – and for added convenience the support mode can be changed at the press of a button.Yamaha Reveals Ebike Lineup: Moro 07, Wabash Rt And Crosscore Rc

Colours and sizes

Wabash RT is offered in three sizes and is available in Blue Steel.

Wabash Technical highlights

Beautiful styling with high functionality

Fun to ride, easy to use on road and gravel

Sleek, elegant and modern frame design

New school chassis geometry

Best-selling low noise PW-ST drive unit – only 3.4kg

Automatic support mode

Inclination Sensor

Easy to use Display A interface

Yamaha Zero Cadence technology

Quad Sensor technology

70Nm max torque

21.4kg at size M

Yamaha Lithium Ion 500Wh, 36V, 13.4Ah

Display A

Shimano GRX

Sleek, elegant and modern frame design

New-school geometry with rider-friendly character

Three sizes available

Blue Steel

Yamaha Reveals Ebike Lineup: Moro 07, Wabash Rt And Crosscore RcYamaha CROSSCORE RC: For every day, for everyone.

Functional, stylish and offering excellent value and strong performance, the CrossCore is a versatile all-rounder designed as the ideal everyday bike for all riders, young and old.

A real alternative to the car

CrossCore is an accessible all-round bike that is designed for a wide spectrum of mainly urban dwelling customers who are looking to change their lifestyle and are considering commuting by bike rather than car or public transport. And with a range of easy to attach trekking accessories available, CrossCore RC is an ideal bike for days out in the countryside or even longer distance trips.

High end Yamaha technology

The Yamaha CrossCore RC benefits from much of the advanced technology found on some premium eMTBs, including Yamaha’s Zero Cadence technology and Automatic Support Mode with Inclination Sensor make it easier and more enjoyable to ride – especially on gradients and into the wind.

Drive is supplied to the high quality Shimano SL-M2010-9R chain set by the best-selling low noise PW-ST drive unit that delivers 70Nm maximum torque powered by a 500Wh battery, giving strong performance on the street or dirt road.

Smart and simple

Its smart design gives it the simple looks appreciated by many commuter riders who prefer an understated style, and the functionality is complemented by Yamaha’s Display A interface that provides essential information in a large format display.

Zero emission personal mobility

With its easy handling, wide range of optional trekking and commuting accessories and great price/performance ratio, the CrossCore RC is an extremely attractive option for everyone who is looking for every day, zero emission personal mobility.Yamaha Reveals Ebike Lineup: Moro 07, Wabash Rt And Crosscore Rc

Colours and sizes

CrossCore RC is offered in three sizes and is available in Shiver White and Urban Sage.

Technical highlights

Functional, versatile and affordable all rounder

Everyday use for all riders

Great price/performance ratio

Smart ‘inside out’ design

Best-selling PW-ST drive unit – only 3.4kg

Low noise design

Automatic Support Mode

Inclination sensor

Yamaha Zero Cadence technology

Quad Sensor technology

70Nm max torque

23.9kg at size M

Yamaha Lithium Ion 500Wh, 36V, 13.4Ah

Display A

Shimano Alivio

Two colour options Shiver White and Urban Sage

Three sizes available

Price and availability

The new Moro 07, Wabash RT and CrossCore RC models will be available in selected European markets starting at the end of 2022. Price varies per country, please contact your national Yamaha distributor for more information.

Genuine Yamaha Accessories

Yamaha offers a range of Genuine Accessories that enables the rider to personalise their eBike to suit their lifestyle and individual requirements. The range is constantly evolving, and full details can be seen at www.yamaha-motor.eu/

Zero emissions with carbon neutrality

Running parallel with the introduction of a full range of two-wheel EVs from eBikes through to scooters and pedelecs, Yamaha has also accelerated its drive to become a carbon zero manufacturer by 2035, underlining the fact that the brand is ready and able to rise to the challenge and fully embrace the new age of the Electric Vehicle that is reshaping urban mobility, and more.

Omnichannel: a seamless buying experience for Yamaha eBike customers

To ensure that every customer experiences the highest levels of satisfaction from their initial enquiry right through to the purchase and delivery of their new eBike, Yamaha has developed an Omnichannel distribution system that delivers a seamless buying experience from start to finish.

The heart of the system is a new e-commerce platform working in partnership with the new network of eBike Experience Centres operating within Yamaha’s existing European PTW network. The key advantage of the Omnichannel system is that customers can visit a Yamaha eBike Experience Centre to see and feel the eBike, take a test ride and seek advice from the fully trained dealer personnel before placing their order with confidence.

Once they have chosen their new Yamaha eBike the customer can go online to confirm their purchase and arrange home delivery or pick up at the dealer. This new industry-leading system is designed to offer customers the best combination of on site and online services – and Omnichannel removes the uncertainty that is sometimes associated with a purely virtual sales experience where there is no physical element or human interaction.

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